The best thing you can do for yourself is to understand how you get paid and let your intuition do the rest. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly or that you should be reimbursed for certain expenses, all you have to do is ask. The worst thing they can do is say no. If “no” doesn`t suit you well, then guess what, there are hundreds of other travel agencies to choose from. It is important to note that this is not a list of ALL the questions you want to ask during your interview with the hospital. Instead, it`s a list of issues you might want to include in the contract. We strongly recommend that you read this article for a complete list of questions you should ask during your travel care interview. If you`re a night nurse and need helpful tips for staying awake, be sure to read 10 tips for the night shift for travel refunds, companies offer you a certain amount of money no matter how much you spend on travel. Legally, they have to travel the number of kilometers, etc. Thus, your travel money will often be an amount that is non-negotiable. And although you can negotiate, the cost is usually divided into two parts. For example, if my company offers me $600 in travel reimbursement. I receive $300 on my first cheque and $300 on my last cheque.

Be sure to inquire in advance and include it in your contract if necessary. Once, I had a recruiter who tried to withhold my guaranteed travel refund (as advertised on the website) of $500 because I had never approached him before my contract was created. Above all, your Allied business travel contract must be transparent and clearly state your responsibilities and the obligations of the personnel service provider. For example, Medely goes even further to clearly define the expectations and requirements of the nurse and the hospital. Allied professionals working through Medely will always have the clearest picture of their work organization. Pay attention to the following specific points of your contract and ask your recruitment agency as many questions as you deem necessary. So what can you do to work with your recruiters to gain additional bargaining power? Pro Tip: You can try to dictate what you want your overtime to look like. In many of my contracts, I will charge more than $50 per hour for all hours over the age of 40 as well as for all federal holidays. Just make sure that the rate you have agreed to is stated in your contract and that holidays are specifically covered.

Don`t assume you`ll receive a vacation payment for all vacations – because hospitals set their own rules for what they do and don`t do. Charge Duty: Do you love it or do you hate it? And would you want to do it in a hospital (or environment) where you`ve never worked before? If your preference is “no”, make sure your contract defines this desire. First of all, you need to know all the jobs that match your search criteria, and you need to know what they pay for. This will help you assess the state of the labour market. In addition, we regularly see itinerant nurses receiving poor compensation information on social media. At the same time, it is difficult to make comparisons of apples with apples from travel nurses` salary packages. As a result, you may not get accurate information. Principles-based negotiation, which we mentioned above, is a collaborative approach. We believe it is perfectly suited to the unique circumstances of travel care. To negotiate a travel sister contract, it is important to understand what your negotiation parameters are. First, you need to understand that all your compensation, benefits, and reimbursements come from one source. This source is the billing rate.

You may have never heard the term before and it is important before you start contract negotiations that you understand the billing rate. In this article, I compared the billing rate to a cake. Below are all the pieces of the cake that you will consider when you start contract negotiations. There are several variables to consider when reviewing contract negotiations on travel nurses between you and your travel nurse recruiter/company. The end result should be a win-win situation for both parties. The recruiter wants to earn a good commission, the travel agency has parameters required for profit, and you want the best you can get. So where do you start? The first thing I learned was to always ask the recruiter what the hospital`s cancellation policy is before being subjected to an assignment. Some hospitals offer guaranteed hours and if you are cancelled, you will still be paid.

Some hospitals allow you to cancel once a week without payment. And some, you can cancel four times in a contract before you have to pay. Find out what you feel comfortable with. Do you think you could do without a day or two of payment? Do you want to have guaranteed hours? First, you can refer other healthcare professionals to the agencies you work with. Second, you can be a brand ambassador for your travel care agencies by doing the following: In addition to the initial contract, travel nurses can negotiate certain terms with the hospital during their interview – this can include things like certain days off, pending rules, etc. .