3D Physical  Animation


Dentsu Aegis Network


2019. 04 - 12


IRead Foundation / Tencent Public Welfare / 99 Giving Day / Lianquan Shanghai Public Welfare

My Role

Team Leader / Ideation Research / Project manage / UX design


     In celebration of the winter holidays and Chinese New Year, Isobar Nowlab crafts a wind-driven levitated zoetrope that turns our previous projects into an illusion of motion. Winter Zoetrope is a kinetic sculpture that illustrates our work and spirit. The interactive sculpture consists of 3D printed objects that will move whimsically when spun and illuminated in high speed.


     In this one-week project, we try and fail and fail better to find the best solution that embodies our mindset of ‘making is the best kind of thinking’. As a result, we use a magnetic levitating base, 3D printing technologies, a mini fan and a strobe light to create the world’s first wind-driven levitated zoetrope. We hope this project brings you joy. Happy 2019!

为了庆祝冬日节庆与中国新年,上海安索帕Nowlab制作出了世界上首个风力悬浮立体跑马灯。立体跑马灯(Zoetrope,亦被称为幻影箱或西洋镜)。「冬日幻画筒」是将Nowlab的过往作品制作成渐变的3D立体模型,然後按顺序排列,透过高速旋转和频闪让观众产生视觉错觉,成为一种动态艺术(Kinetic art)。我们在短短的一周时间,秉持着 ”Making is the best kind of thinking” 来重复试验丶尝试失败,不断评估来找到最好的方式来完成最终设计。最终,我们利用了磁力悬浮基台丶迷你风扇与频闪灯等技术,创造了首个以风力为动力的悬浮立体跑马灯。希望你们喜欢这个影片,献上最诚挚的祝福,祝2019新年愉快!